Diamond Resorts Points

Selling Diamond Resorts International (DRI) Points

Selling Diamond Resorts Points from the European Collection is now even easier than before. As Travel & Leisure Group is an authorised reseller of Diamond Resorts Points, we are the first choice for clients interested in buying these points on the resale market. There is no quicker, more effective way of selling your DRI points.

Travel & Leisure Group will be happy to assist you in the sale of your points and have the authority to arrange sales on your behalf. We will discuss the various options directly with you and will be glad to guide you through the entire process. Please note, in order to start the sale process all maintenance fees must be up to date.

Points resales between members may be carried out as in the past. However, please be aware of the difficulties of private sales. You can always use the conveyance services of Travel & Leisure to assist you in your private transaction for a small fee.

Our aim is to sell your points quickly, and at the best possible price.

People ask "How do I sell my Timeshare points?" - The key to success is presenting the concept in a professional manner to as many potential clients as possible.

With so many years in the timeshare industry, Travel & Leisure Group have developed one of the most successful methods of selling Timeshare. Our ethos is simple: present the product in the most professional way possible, and place that product in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Timeshare resales do, however, take some time to complete, and Diamond Resorts Points European Collection in particular may take a little longer as there is not yet a wide awareness of the product being available for sale on the resale market. While a good measure of patience is required, our continuing investment in marketing our clients' Diamond Resorts Points European Collection means no-one else has a better chance of finding you a buyer.

Diamond Resorts Points

How Do We Sell Your Diamond Resorts International Points?

Travel & Leisure Group has developed a bespoke website for Diamond Resorts Points European Collection owners to sell their timeshare. Optimised for organic search engine traffic, it is visible to millions of people worldwide. Our own timeshare website - https://www.travelandleisure.co.uk/ has been restructured to attract buyers' attention to Diamond Resorts Points European Collection and display classified points adverts.

We regularly use advertising mediums such as the Daily and Weekend Telegraph, Daily and Sunday Mail, and Daily Express. We also place adverts with more specialised publications such as Select Traveller, easyJet and Thomas Cook and many of the UK airlines' in-flight magazines and also Dial An Exchange magazine.

TV Advertising

Our TV advertising campaign has raised Travel & Leisure Group's profile even further, with TV advertisements on channels that include ITV, More 4, Sky News, Channel 4, Discovery Living, Discovery Real Time, and The Travel Channel. With a budget of many £000's we can now be seen throughout the day, by millions of people around the world.

Internet Marketing

Most of the time, Travel & Leisure Group is within the top 10 listings on any of the search engines for the most popular search terms - "Timeshare", "Selling Timeshare", "Timeshare Resales" and "Buying Timeshare". We also cover all the main European languages and search portals.

  • Specialist in-house online marketing department
  • Over 35 website domains totaling over 60,000 indexed pages in all the major search engines
  • More than £80,000 per year spent on Pay Per Click advertising
  • Around 1,500,000 unique visitors per month

eBay Shop

Travel & Leisure Group are also the largest corporate timeshare reseller on eBay. eBay is The World's Online Marketplace with a global customer base of 145 million and a global presence in over 32 international markets. At the end of 2009, eBay hit a record of 899 million page views, 280 million searches and 16 million bids. Advertising on eBay enables us not only to sell specific listings, but to advertise our services and properties generally to eBay users – all 145 million of them.

Peace of Mind

When you sell your DRI Points through Travel & Leisure Group, your monies are safe in a truste account administered by FNTC until completion of sale, when the new ownership documents are submitted to activate the Escrow account and subsequently release the vendors monies and Travel & Leisure's brokerage fee.

If you are an owner looking to sell Diamond Resorts Points, then please contact Travel & Leisure Group for a free, no obligation appraisal and valuation by either calling 01787 882222 or by completing the enquiry form below.

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