Buying Diamond Resorts Points European Collection

An Opportunity For Everyone

Until now, it has only been possible for owners to sell their Diamonds Resorts International Points ("The Club") to close family members or existing owners privately. But with this new venture, the general public, existing members, and non-members can now buy Diamond Resorts Points for European Collection. As the ONLY authorised reseller of Diamond Resorts Points European Collection, you need look nowhere else.

Below you will find a list of members who are looking to sell their Diamond Resorts Points. If you are interested in purchasing any of the Points listed, click on the "Enquire" link next to the entry you are interested in, and you will be forwarded to our enquiry form. Or just call 0800 988 7168 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

This is the opportunity for new buyers to acquire Diamond Resorts Points European Collection at a fraction of the price, and enjoy a wide selection of leading European resorts.

By buying Diamonds Resort Points European Collection through a resale company, you get access to a variety of resort locations, plus FREE membership (renewable annually in January of each year) in Interval International®.

Why Buy Diamond Resorts International Points for European Collection

  • Access to a variety of luxury Diamond Resorts Europe
  • Flexible Check In Days
  • Short Breaks
  • Borrow and save points

Interval International® offers –

  • Points Savers - Quick Getaways
  • Short Breaks
  • II Membership
  • Holiday Exchange
  • Access over 2500 resorts worldwide
  • Resort Directory
  • Travel Discounts
  • Interval World Magazine


When you buy Diamond Resorts International Points, all transaction monies are held in an Escrow account by an independent Solicitor, Wayman & Long of Clare, Suffolk.

How does an Escrow Account work?
This is where buyers monies in their entirety are deposited in a clients account administered by the solicitor. They will only be released upon submission of the ownership document transferred into the name of the new owner(s). Buyers pay direct to the solicitor into an Escrow account, therefore there is no temptation for resale companies to use clients monies as cash flow. The monies held in Escrow cannot be withdrawn until completion of sale, then the vendor is paid and commission to the reseller is released. This is the only way to ensure both parties in the transaction are fully protected.

If you are interested in purchasing Diamond Resorts Points European Collection
call one of of advisors on 0800 988 7168 to discuss prices & availability

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