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Do you already own Diamond Resorts International Points?

Are you considering investing in more Points? As an existing owner you will be familiar with the many benefits of owning Points, and Diamond Resort Resales aims to make purchasing more as straight-forward and hassle free as possible. As the only authorised reseller of Diamond Resorts Points for the European Collection, why go anywhere else?

While resales of Points between members may be carried out as before, it is important to bear in mind the problems that can arise with private sales.

Peace of Mind

When you buy Diamond Resorts International Points, Travel & Leisure Group are the ONLY reseller using an independent Solicitor to hold transaction monies in Escrow, your guarantee that you are in safe hands.

What is an Escrow Account and how does it work?
It is a clients account where purchase monies are held in their entirity and only release to the vendor and Travel & Leisure Group on completion of sale upon submission of the new ownership documentation.

Such issues surrounding your private transaction can be addressed to a large degree by Travel & Leisure Group's expert conveyancing services. For more information, click here. If you are purchasing privately from an existing member, be aware of the difficulties of holding the transaction monies. There is a nominal charge for this service, however the conveyancing fee is discounted for owners of Diamond Resorts Points European Collection. For more information, click here.

The list below contains members who wish to sell their Diamond Resorts Points. If you are considering buying any of the Points listed, use the "Enquire" link beside the entry you are interested in and you will be sent to our enquiry form. Alternatively, you can simply call 0800 071 4674 and talk to one of our experienced, friendly advisors.

If you are interested in purchasing Diamond Resorts International Points
call one of our advisors on 0800 071 4674 to discuss prices & availability

Alternatively click here to search a selection of points currently available


No. of Points Example of Usage

2,500 2 Bedroom, Mid Season, 1 Week, Majorca
3,000 1 Bedroom, Mid Season, 1 Week, Menorca
3,500 Studio, High Season, 1 Week, Costa Del Sol, Spain
4,000 2 Bedroom, Mid Season, 1 Week, Crete
5,000 1 Bedroom, High Season, 1 Week, Maderia
5,500 1 Bedroom, High Season, 1 Week, Malta
6,000 Club Suite, Peak Season, 1 Week, Italy
7,000 2 Bedroom, Family, High Season, 1 Week, France
7,500 2 Bedroom, Lodge, High Season, 1 Week, UK
8,000 2 Bedroom Elite, High Season, 1 Week, Malta
9,000 1 Bedroom, High Season, 2 Weeks, Lanzarote
9,500 2 Bedroom, December, 2 Weeks, Malaga
10,000 2 Bedroom, Peak Time, Golf, UK
10,200 2 Bedroom, High Season, 2 Weeks, Tenerife
10,500 2 Bedroom Elite, August, 1 Week, England
11,000 2 Bedroom, High Season, 2 Weeks, UK Mansion
12,000 1 Bedroom, February, 2 Weeks, France
13,000 2 Bedroon, August, 2 Weeks, Malaga
14,000 3 Bedroom, 3 Weeks, June +1 night mid week break September
14,500 2 Bedroom, Peak Season, 2 Weeks, Tenerife
15,000 1 Bedroom, 2 Wks October + 2 night mid week break August
16,000 Studio Suite, High Season, 2 Weeks, France
17,000 2 Bedroon, High Season, 3 Weeks, Gran Canaria
18,000 3 Bedroom, 2 Peak Weeks + breaks, Spain
20,000 2 Bedroom Elite, Peak Season, 2 Ski Weeks, Austria
22,000 9 Day Baltic Cruise plus 2 Bedroom Apartment in Malaga
33,500 2 Bedroom Elite, Peak, Tenerife + 2 Weeks Ski, Peak


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