Visit Perthshire

Visiting Scotland is a popular choice of holiday with many people, drawn by the appeal of tales of Nessy and the idyllic tranquil lochs and beautiful Glens of the Scottish highlands. Perthshire is a great place to head to, visitors will be able to absorb the fresh air while sightseeing.

People looking for peace and relaxation would be hard pushed to beat visiting the likes of Loch Tay and Loch Leven along with some of the most beautiful walks you can imagine.

Perthshire has 250 miles of way marked paths that can take you on routes where you can spend many hours discovering the delights including scenic glens, medieval castles and even whisky distilleries. Fans of the traditional Scottish spirit could do very well collecting local brands of whiskey on their travels.

As well as the scenery there is plenty of wildlife to see in Perthshire. There are organised safaris available to take you to see deer roaming the hills and even to see where eagles nest.

So if you just want to explore the glens, hike the highlands or stroll near the lochs or even take a whiskey tour, there is plenty to do when you visit Perthshire.